Estadio Julio Humberto Grondona

Distance: 0.31 km

Estadio Julio H. Grondona, or the Estadio Viaducto, is a multi-use stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is currently used primarily for football matches and is the home stadium of Arsenal de Sarandí. The stadium holds 18,300 people. Estadio Julio H (...) More

Avellaneda Partido

Distance: 1.44 km

Avellaneda is a partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It has an area of 55.17 km² (21.3 sq mi) and a population of 340,985 . Its administrative seat is the city of Avellaneda. The partido is located in the Gran Buenos Aires urban area, separated from Buenos Aires city by the Riachuelo River (...) More

Diario Popular

Distance: 1.55 km

Diario Popular is a local newspaper published in Sarandí, Argentina, and read widely in the surrounding southern Greater Buenos Aires suburbs of Avellaneda, Lanús and Quilmes. The publication was founded by Jorge Fascetto, the majority owner and director of El Día, the principal news daily in La (...) More


Distance: 1.57 km

Crucecita is a district of the Avellaneda Partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It forms part of the Greater Buenos Aires urban agglomeration. The town is named for the Arroyo de la Crucecita (Crossing Stream) encountered by a 1580 expedition led by Captain Juan de Garay, the founder of (...) More

Villa Domínico

Distance: 2.26 km

Villa Domínico is a district (localidad) in the Avellaneda Partido. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It belongs to the Greater Buenos Aires urban agglomeration. (...) More