Estadio Ciudad de Lanús – Néstor Díaz Pérez

Estadio Ciudad de Lanús – Néstor Díaz Pérez, also known as La Fortaleza (The Fortress), is a multi-use stadium in Lanús, Argentina. It is currently used primarily for football matches and is the home ground of Club Atlético Lanús. The stadium holds 47,027 people and was built in 1929 (...) More

Remedios de Escalada

Distance: 0.81 km

Remedios de Escalada de San Martín is a city located in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, within Lanús Partido, Gran Buenos Aires. It covers an area of 9,95 km² and the population was 81,465 in 2001; the demonym for its inhabitants is "escaladense." (...) More

National University of Lanús

Distance: 1.94 km

The National University of Lanús (UNLA) is an Argentine national university, situated in Remedios de Escalada, Lanús Partido, Buenos Aires Province. It was created on June 7, 1995 by national law 24,496.Text of law 24,496, in Spanish: (...) More


Distance: 2.46 km

Lanús is the capital of Lanús Partido, Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. It lies just South of the capital city Buenos Aires, in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area. The city has a population of 212,152 , and the Partido de Lanús has a total population of 453,500. (...) More

Monte Chingolo

Distance: 3.1 km

Monte Chingolo is a town in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Located in Lanús Partido in the south of the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area. (...) More