Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza

Distance: 0.02 km

Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza is a multi-purpose stadium in San Miguel, El Salvador. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of C.D. Águila and C.D. Dragón. It is named after the 50s star Juan Francisco "Cariota" Barraza in 1982. The stadium holds 10,000 people. (...) More

San Miguel, El Salvador

Distance: 0.92 km

San Miguel is a city in eastern El Salvador. It is the country's third most populous city after San Salvador and Santa Ana. It is located 138 km east of the capital, San Salvador. It is also the capital of the department of San Miguel and a municipality (...) More


Distance: 7.72 km

Quelepa is an important archaeological site located in eastern El Salvador. The site was founded around 400 BC, in the Late Preclassic period (500 BC - AD 250).Sheets 2000, p.420. The inhabitants constructed a platform from plaster and pumice and rebuilt it a number of times (...) More

San Miguel Department (El Salvador)

Distance: 8.28 km

San Miguel is a department of El Salvador in the eastern part of the country. The capital is San Miguel. It has 2,077 km² and a population of over 478,000 San Miguel was first known as San Miguel de la Frontera. The city was founded by Luis de Moscoso on May 8, 1530, where it is now Santa Elena (...) More