Xanthi FC Arena

Xanthi FC Arena is a football ground built by Xanthi F.C. in Xanthi, Thrace, Greece. It was built over the course of ten months in 2004. It is a ground used for matches and is the home ground of Skoda Xanthi FC. It holds up to 7,422 spectators, with 80% of the seats under the roof (...) More

Pigadia, Xanthi

Distance: 0.52 km

Pigadia is a settlement in the Vistonida municipal unit, Xanthi regional unit of Greece. It is located north of Genisea and approximately 9 kilometers southeast of Xanthi. The population of Pigadia was 567 inhabitants in 1981 and 634 inhabitants in 1991. (...) More


Distance: 3.08 km

Kimmeria is a community in the municipality Xanthi in the Xanthi regional unit of Greece. It is located 740 kilometers from Athens, 233 kilometers from Thessalonica, and 5 kilometers east of Xanthi. In 1981, the population of Kimmeria was around 3.588 inhabitants (...) More


Distance: 3.99 km

Selero is a village and a former community in the Xanthi regional unit, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Abdera, of which it is a municipal unit. Greece Ministry of Interior The municipal unit has an area of 30.565 km2 (...) More


Distance: 4.47 km

Vafeika (also Βαφαίικα) is a settlement located approximately four kilometers from Genisea in the Xanthi regional unit of Greece. It is part of the community of Genisea. (...) More