Stadion Rujevica

Distance: 0.27 km

Stadion Rujevica (official name: Stadion HNK Rijeka, English: "HNK Rijeka Stadium") is a stadium in the city of Rijeka. The stadium is commonly referred to as Rujevica after its location. From August 2015, the stadium is a temporary home ground for HNK Rijeka during construction of the new Stadion (...) More

3. Maj

Distance: 1.27 km

3. Maj (official name: Treći Maj Brodogradilište d.d.; "Third May Shipyard") is a shipyard in Croatia, located in Rijeka. It builds mainly oil tankers, bulk cargo ships, and container ships. It also sometimes builds smaller passenger ferries or yachts. It employs approximately 2,850 workers (...) More

Centar Zamet

Distance: 1.38 km

Centar Zamet is a sports hall in Rijeka, with sporting, cultural, business and entertainment events. The hall was built in Zamet in 2009 .The size of the hall is 16,830 m², and the surface of outer space is 88,075 m². (...) More

Stadion Kantrida

Distance: 1.8 km

Stadion Kantrida is a football stadium in the Croatian city of Rijeka. It is named after the Kantrida neighbourhood in which it is located, in the western part of the city. It has served as home of the football club HNK Rijeka for most years since 1946 (...) More

Marinići, Croatia

Distance: 2.02 km

Marinići is a village in Viškovo municipality, Croatia. (...) More