Olimpik Sports Complex

Sports Complex Olimpik is a football stadium in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. Originally when the complex was built the stadium had seating for 680 spectators. Later in the autumn of 2010 it was expanded to 1000 spectators (...) More

Donetsk bus shelling incident

Distance: 0.35 km


Leninskyi District, Donetsk

Distance: 0.83 km

Leninskyi District is an urban district of Donetsk, Ukraine, named after a Soviet political figure Vladimir Lenin. It was created in 1937 as the Factory-Stalin Raion. (...) More

John Hughes (businessman)

Distance: 1.27 km

John James Hughes (1814 – 17 June 1889) was a Welsh engineer, businessman and founder of the city of Donetsk. The village was originally named Yuzovka or Hughesovka after Hughes, ("Yuz" being a Russian and Ukrainian approximation of Hughes), becoming town in May 1917, which later, in 1924 it (...) More

Metalurh Stadium (Donetsk)

Distance: 1.5 km

Metalurh Stadium is a football-only stadium in Donetsk, Ukraine. It is currently used for football matches, and is the new home of FC Metalurh Donetsk. The stadium's official maximum capacity is 5,094. It is not qualified to host UEFA competitions, therefore the team leases Shakhtar Stadium, for (...) More