Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

Picture of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

The Olympic National Sports Complex (also known as Olympic Stadium;) is a multi-use sports and recreation facility in Kyiv, Ukraine, located on the slopes of the city's central Cherepanov Hill, Pechersk Raion. The stadium is the premier sports venue in Ukraine and the second largest in Eastern (...) More

State Savings Bank of Ukraine

Distance: 0.25 km

The public joint-stock company State Savings Bank of Ukraine or Oschadbank was established by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on May 21, 1999, N 866 through the transformation of its predecessor, the State Specialized Commercial Savings Bank of Ukraine into a Joint-Stock Company (...) More

Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum No. 145

Distance: 0.35 km

The 145th Natural Science Lyceum, officially known as Kiev Natural-Scientific Lyceum No. 145 (Ukrainian: Київський природничо-науковий ліцей № 145), is a secondary educational institution, located in Pechersk Raion of Kiev, Ukraine (...) More

Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Distance: 0.39 km

The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 was the 50th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest took place at the Palace of Sports in Kiev, Ukraine, following Ruslana's win in the 2004 Contest with the song "Wild Dances" (...) More

President-Hotel (Kiev)

Distance: 0.39 km

The President Hotel is a hotel in the center of Kiev, Pechersk. The hotel was initially built as part of the All-Union hotel chain Intourist. Today the hotel belongs to hotel chain "Vertex Hotel Group". (...) More