A.F.C. Stoneham

A.F.C. Stoneham is a football club based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. They are currently members of the and play at Stoneham Park. (...) More

North Stoneham

Distance: 0.46 km

North Stoneham is a settlement and ecclesiastical parish in south Hampshire, England. It was formerly an ancient estate and manor. Until the nineteenth century, it was a rural community comprising a number of scattered hamlets, including Middle Stoneham, North End, and Bassett Green, and (...) More

North Stoneham Park

Distance: 0.52 km

North Stoneham Park, also known as Stoneham Park, was a landscaped parkland and country house of the same name, north of Southampton at North Stoneham, Hampshire. It was the seat of the Fleming (subsequently Willis Fleming) family. The park was remodelled by Lancelot Brown in the 18th century (...) More

The Concorde Club

Distance: 0.72 km

The Concorde Club was launched in 1957 in Southampton by jazz aficionado Cole Mathieson, and is the oldest jazz club under the same management in the United Kingdom and possibly the world. Its standing in the UK jazz world has been recognised by the August 2009 award of the inaugural (Kind of) Blue (...) More

St Nicolas' Church, North Stoneham

Distance: 0.76 km

St. Nicolas' Church is an Anglican parish church at North Stoneham, Hampshire which originated before the 15th century and is known for its "One Hand Clock" which dates from the early 17th century, and also for various memorials to the famous. (...) More