Arena Lublin

Arena Lublin is a football stadium located in Lublin, Poland. It is the home ground of Motor Lublin and KS Lublinianka. The stadium holds 15,500 people. (...) More

Lublin University of Technology

Distance: 0.64 km

Lublin University of Technology (Politechnika Lubelska) is an engineering university in Lublin, Poland. It was established on May 13, 1953 and currently has 11,000 students. (...) More

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lublin

Distance: 0.66 km

The Archdiocese of Lublin is an archdiocese located in the city of Lublin in Poland. (...) More

Lublin Department

Distance: 0.66 km

The Lublin Department (Polish: Departament Lubelski) was a unit of administrative division and local government in Polish Duchy of Warsaw in years 1810-1815. Its capital was Lublin. The division contained 10 counties. In 1815 it was transformed into the Lublin Voivodeship. More

Lublin Voivodeship (1919–39)

Distance: 0.66 km

Lublin Voivodeship was a unit of administrative division of the Second Polish Republic between the two world wars, in the years 1919–1939. The province's capital and biggest city was Lublin. (...) More