VVV-Venlo (women)

VVV-Venlo is a Dutch women's football from Venlo. The team was founded in 2010, , website Vrouwenvoetbal Nederland (10 maart 2010) starting in the Eredivisie season 2010/11. The club is working together with SV Venray who's playing in the Hoofdklasse (...) More

De Koel

Distance: 0.03 km

De Koel , also known as Seacon Stadion – De Koel after the main sponsor, is a multi-purpose stadium in Venlo, Netherlands. It is currently mostly used for football matches and is the home stadium of VVV-Venlo. The stadium is able to hold 8,000http://stadiumdb (...) More

Venlo railway station

Distance: 1.53 km

Venlo railway station is located in Venlo, the Netherlands. It is situated on the Maastricht–Venlo railway, the Viersen–Venlo railway, the Venlo–Eindhoven railway and the Nijmegen–Venlo railway. The first station in Venlo was opened on November 21, 1865 (...) More

Death of René Steegmans

Distance: 1.76 km

The death of René Steegmans (January 1, 1980 – October 24, 2002) was a violent crime which occurred in Venlo, Netherlands, on October 22, 2002, which drew national attention for being an act of senseless violence (...) More

Museum van Bommel van Dam

Distance: 1.84 km

Museum van Bommel van Dam is a Dutch museum of modern art in Venlo in the southeast Netherlands. The museum belongs to the German/Dutch cooperation Crossart, a partnership between 7 German museums in Westfalen and 4 Dutch museums in Gelderland and Limburg (...) More