Griffin Park

Distance: 0.02 km

Griffin Park is a football ground in Brentford, situated in the London Borough of Hounslow, west London. It has been the home ground of Championship side Brentford since it was built in 1904. The ground is known for being the only English league football ground to have a pub on each corner and is (...) More

Brentford Urban District

Distance: 0.21 km

Brentford was a local government district in the county of Middlesex, England from 1874 to 1927. Brentford Local Government District was created in 1874 under the Local Government Act 1858 and covered the civil parish of New Brentford and the chapelry of Old Brentford in the parish of Ealing (...) More

Brentford Baths

Distance: 0.35 km

Brentford Baths is a Grade II listed building at Clifden Road, Brentford, London. It was built in 1895-96, and the architect was Nowell Parr. (...) More

Watermans Arts Centre

Distance: 0.37 km

Watermans Art Centre is a multipurpose arts centre. It is located in Brentford, alongside the banks of the River Thames overlooking Kew Gardens. It includes a 239 seat theatre and a 125 seat cinema. (...) More

Brentford Library

Distance: 0.4 km

Brentford Library is a Grade II listed building at Boston Manor Road, Brentford, London. It was built in 1903 by Joseph Dorey and Co; for the then Brentford District Council. The benefactor was Andrew Carnegie and the architect was Nowell Parr (...) More