Salford City F.C.

Salford City Football Club is a semi-professional football club in the Kersal area of Salford, Greater Manchester, England, which plays in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. The club's local rivals are F.C. United of Manchester and Irlam. Their home ground is on Moor Lane in Kersal. (...) More

Kersal Moor

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Kersal Moor is a recreation area in Kersal, Greater Manchester, England which consists of eight hectares of moorland bounded by Moor Lane, Heathlands Road, St. Paul's Churchyard and Singleton Brook. Kersal Moor, first called Karsey or Carsall Moor,Farrer, William and Brownbill, J. (editors) (1911) (...) More


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Kersal is an area of the City of Salford in Greater Manchester, England, northwest of Manchester city centre. Historically in Lancashire, Kersal has the second oldest building in Salford, Kersal Cell, which was built in 1563 (...) More

Greater Manchester

Picture of Greater Manchester

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Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in North West England, with a population of 2.7 million. It encompasses one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom and comprises ten metropolitan boroughs: Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the (...) More

Beis Yaakov High School

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Beis Yaakov High School is a Jewish secondary school with academy status for girls. It is located in Higher Broughton, Salford in the English county of Greater Manchester. The school primarily serves the Charedi Jewish community in Salford, Bury, and Manchester (...) More