North Port distillery

Distance: 0.15 km

The North Port distillery was a distillery in Brechin, Angus that produced single malt Scotch whisky. The distillery was latterly owned by Distillers Company through its subsidiary Mitchell Brothers. (...) More

Glebe Park, Brechin

Distance: 0.22 km

Glebe Park is a football stadium in Brechin, Scotland, which is the home ground of Brechin City. Glebe Park opened in 1919. The ground had just one portable stand, which had been used at the Perth agricultural show (...) More

Glencadam distillery

Distance: 0.32 km

The Glencadam distillery is a distillery in Brechin, Angus, Scotland that produces single malt Scotch whisky. The distillery is owned by Angus Dundee plc and produces one malt whisky, with the remainder of production sold to blenders or used within Angus Dundee plc for use in blended whisky brands. (...) More

Diocese of Brechin

Distance: 0.41 km

The pre-Reformation Diocese of Brechin or Diocese of Angus was one of the thirteen historical dioceses of Scotland. (...) More

Battle of Stracathro

Distance: 0.54 km

The Battle of Stracathro, also known as the Battle of Inchbare, took place on 16 April 1130 about 3 miles north of Brechin, Scotland, near the River North Esk. Óengus of Moray and Máel Coluim mac Alaxandair invaded Scotland with 5000 warriors according to the Anglo-Norman chronicler Orderic Vitalis (...) More