Grant Park, Lossiemouth

Grant Park is a football ground in the town of Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. It is the home ground of Lossiemouth F.C., who currently play in the Highland Football League. It is not to be confused with Grant Street Park, Inverness, which is home to fellow HFL side, Clachnacuddin F.C. (...) More


Picture of Lossiemouth

Distance: 0.59 km

Lossiemouth is a town in Moray, Scotland. Originally the port belonging to Elgin, it became an important fishing town. Although there has been over a 1,000 years of settlement in the area, the present day town was formed over the past 250 years and consists of four separate communities that (...) More

Lossiemouth High School

Distance: 0.63 km

Lossiemouth High School is a secondary school in the coastal town of Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. The school's catchment area includes the nearby villages of Burghead, Hopeman, Cummingston and Duffus. The feeder primaries are Hythehill, St. Gerardine's, Hopeman and Burghead (...) More

Stotfield fishing disaster

Distance: 1.14 km

The Stotfield fishing disaster was the first of several fishing disasters of the 19th century on the east coast of Scotland. A storm struck the Moray Firth on 25 December 1806. Compared to the Moray Firth fishing disaster of 1848 or the Eyemouth Disaster of 1881, the Stotfield disaster was small (...) More

River Lossie

Distance: 1.17 km

The River Lossie is a river in north east Scotland. Ptolemy (c.90 – c.168), the Greco / Roman geographer, named it as ost. Loxa Fl. The river originates in the hills above Dallas, in Moray, and has its source 400 metres above sea-level. It enters the sea at Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth (...) More